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YAWP Reader 2006. Whutwhut!

YAWP! Young Asians with Power! Coursebook
Name of TextAuthor
from Song of MyselfWalt Whitman
Asian Is Not OrientalAnonymous
What is Poetry?N/A
Ten Definitions of PoetryCarl Sandburg
Poetry Should Ride the BusRuth Foreman
Directions to Where I LiveSusan Hahn
Check OneRegie Cabico
When I Was Growing UpNellie Wong
Manifesto For MyselfEric Gamalinda
Letter One from Letters to a Young PoetRainer Maria Rilke 
How I Got That NameMarilyn Chin 
Eatin' With SticksLawson Fusao Inada
They Like You Because You Eat DogR. Zamora Linmark
Boss of the FoodLois Ann Yamanaka
SubterraneanEric Gamalinda
In ChildhoodKamiko Hahn
The WalkChitra Banerjee Divakaruni
The Geography LessonChitra Banerjee Divakaruni
The InfirmaryChitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide NoteAmiri Baraka
The ThreatDenise Duhamel
When Leather is a WhipMartín Espada
Who’s Got Us?Anida Yoeu Esguerra
Poem About My RightsJune Jordan
If I Forget Thee, JerusalemYehuda Amichai
return of the color greenJuan Felipe Herrera
The Burning of the BooksBertolt Brecht
The revolution will not be televisedGill Scott Heron
I Ask My Mother To SingLi-Young Lee
in AmericaDennis Kim
Andy Warhol speaks to his two Filipina maidsAlfred Yuson
The CleavingLi-Young Lee
The Women of Dan Dance with Swords in Their Hands…Audre Lorde
Suicide NoteJanice Mirikitani
A Song on the End of the WorldCzeslaw Milosz
In Response to Executive Order 9066…Dwight Okita
Dinner with the MetrophobeAimee Nezhukumatathil
SkinheadPatricia Smith
Keeping Things WholeMark Strand
The Priest's ConfessionAi
The Bitterness of Bodies we BearBao-Long Chu
Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100Martín Espada
AmericaAllen Ginsberg
Obon: Dance for the DeadGarrett Hongo
fromA. Van Jordan
Saddest PoemPablo Neruda
Letter to Our Unborn ChildrenI Was Born with Two Tongues
universityKelly Zen-yie Tsai
Nine Secrets the Recto Family Can't Tell the BoyOliver de la Paz
Strange JuiceSapphire
Riot in HeavenEd Bok Lee
For All of UsKimiko Ostrozovich
You Bring Out the Vietnamese in MeBao Phi
Reverse RacismBao Phi
if you lose your optimism you're in serious troubleHaki R. Madhubuti
CloudSandra Cisneros
Why Is Preparing Fish A Political Act?Janice Mirikitani
When You Hear the Word GhettoMarvin Tate
Poem For Wicker Park YuppiesKim Berez
Letters from Poston Relocation CampDavid Mura
Cartographies of SilenceAdrienne Rich
LegaciesNikki Giovanni
Letters to Martha #2 & #3Hanalei Ramos
UntitledMaria Miranda
excerpt from CuttingsKamiko Hahn
The Girl of the Early Race Who Made the StarsBushman, Africa
Language EventVenda, Africa
Concentration ConstellationLawson Fusao Inada
The Dream of EnkiduMesopotamia
A List of Bad Dreams Chanted As a Cause & Cure…Bidayuh, Sarawak
Chinese RestaurantJustin Chin
Where I'm FromWillie Perdomo
Interview with Hara Tamiki (1950)Anne Carson
On MarriageR. Zamora Linmark
My Father Picks Up My Mother Lost in the GardenR. Zamora Linmark
First Writing SinceSuheir Hammad
99 cent lipstickSuheir Hammad
Marianna's Beauty SalonBushra Rehman
Rapunzel's Mother- Or a Pakistani Woman…Bushra Rehman
To the Poet Who Happens to Be Black…Audre Lorde
This Is Where I Was BornChrystos
Beyond the Ash RainsAgha Shahid Ali
If You Want to Know What We AreCarlos Bulosan
Angel Island PoemsN/A
Making It StickLawson Fusao Inada
from Asian American DreamsHelen Zia
excerpt from East of EdenJohn Steinbeck
from Donald DukFrank Chin
The ColonelCarolyn Forché
Interpreter of the MaladiesJhumpa Lahiri
from Red AzaleaAnchee Min
Confonting EmpireArundhati Roy
from DogeatersJessica Hagedorn
from M. ButterflyDavid Henry Hwang
A Song for a Nisei FishermanPhilip Kan Gotanda
from Silence BrokenDai Sil Kim-Gibson
from Woman WarriorMaxine Hong Kingston
FlushingRona Luo
Paradis Ain't Shit So Why Don't You Jus' Shut Yoa' Mout'Elena Cabatu
Fried FishAnjelica Cruz
AnorexicAlice Chung
from I'm the One I WantMargaret Cho
China DollElizabeth Wong
Who Called Me An Oriental?Tsiwen M. Law
from Strangers from a Different ShoreRonald Takaki
Asian in AmericaKesaya E. Noda
Roots: Thoughts on Random HairTatsu Yamato
Poetry for the People Ground RulesJune Jordan
“Poetry is a Political Act”: An Interview with June JordanJulie Quiroz
The APIA Experience TimelineN/A
A History of Anti-Asian ViolenceN/A
Vincent Chin 1955 - 1983N/A
MANAA memo on Asian StereotypesMANAA
Asian loan words in EnglishN/A
Asian American Imagesfrom Screaming Monkeys
The Model Minority MythLEAP
Folklore GlossaryN/A
Poetic/Literary/Performance TermsN/A
MetaphorRon Padgett
CentoRon Padgett
TankaRon Padgett
RengaRon Padgett
HaikuRon Padgett
OdeRon Padgett
Prose PoemRon Padgett
Ritual PoemRon Padgett
PantoumRon Padgett
GhazalRon Padgett
SestinaRon Padgett
VillanelleRon Padgett
Blues PoemRon Padgett
List PoemRon Padgett
Performance PoemRon Padgett
Performance Poem Ron Padgett


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Jun. 12th, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)
that looks amazing!

p.s. did you need my new address to send that mix cd? i promise to swap. :)
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